Being a man

The love that i have for writing runs deep. I wake up daily to a different topic on my mind. Today’s topic at hand is the beauty of a man.
There are so many men in the world today that hide their deepest feelings.  It all started with them as young boys falling off their bike scraping their knees and the first thing they are told is big boys don’t cry.
Going through life constantly hearing that “big boys don’t cry” or “man up” how can we ever expect them to fully be in touch with their feelings?
This is telling a boy that to show your feelings is not being a man but instead a woman. This sufficates men forcing them to go through life detached from their feelings and bottling everything up. Then we turn around and blame men when they don’t show love the way we woman tend to and in reality it’s not the man’s fault but the society that shaped them.
Is it true that crying or showing emotions is not the man thing to do? …No it’s not true. In my opinion a real man is not afraid to cry or to show his feelings.  It’s called being human.


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