Wounded beyond measures

I have been writing for what seems like for ever but have never really took my work serious until now.
My first piece of writing that took me a while to actually complete runs so dear to my heart. It’s called wounded beyond measures which has to deal with relationships; how both men and women bring baggage from their past into something that they want to last. How can we expect something to last if we are so heavily guarded and won’t let each other in?
Wounded beyond measures speaks of both sides of a story how not only does a woman come into a relationship wounded but so does a man.
A woman could have been abused, lied to or cheated on in the past and then bring those same things into her most recent relationship and take out all her pain on a man who did nothing to her but who now has to bare the mistakes that the men in her past made.
A man could have went through the same things with females but takes a different approach to relationships which could make him not trust women or not want to open up.
Wounded beyond measures touches on all these topics and how they can hinder us from receiving the best in life.


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