Finding what’s deep in you

Through out a person’s life; whether young or old, they are constantly seeking to find their place in the world.
Some people go throughout life uncertain of what career their suppose to be in or what to study in school.  Not sure of what they want from what they don’t want. Which is a normal thing because you never fully know yourself and what your capable of until you go through some hard situations.
Situations are what helps to shape you and teach you more about yourself.
Each person has the ability to be something great in life. No matter what situation a person faces in life they have the choice to change and become something great. A person’s past doesn’t define who they are or the person they choice to be.
For example many people doubt themselves and think so low of themselves but then when their back is against the wall and they are placed in the worst of situations; they then learn the fight that they have deep down within them.
That goes to show how everything we face in life whether good or bad is for a divine purpose. Each situation has its own lesson and its own impact in shaping your life. It is just for you to choose whether the impact will be a good or bad one; will it make or break you. You decide!


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