No settling

When you got something good hold on to it but be smart enough to know when you don’t. It’s about time people know their worth and start receiving only good things in their life and letting go of the garbage.
There is many people out there both girls and guys a like, who are settling in life. Whether it be with a spouse or even their job. It’s about time for people to stop settling and know that they deserve the best things in life.
If you have a man who cheats on you, disrespects you in anyway or even talks down to you; stop making excuses for him and think that you should stay because he will change. NO! let that man go, start showing some tough love. And that goes for guys out there too who got girls who don’t treat them right;  let them go. There is better out there for you.
If you have a job that you hate going to; one that doesn’t expand you in anyway shape or form, then guess what it’s time for an upgrade.  You should not fall into depression every morning when you wake up to go to work because guess what if you hate what you do it will eventually show in your work no matter how good at your job you are. There is a good job out there for everyone. If you keep pushing towards your goals and do what you really want to do in life then you will get there no matter how long you try. Just please stop settling.  Everyone deserves to be happy in every area of their lives but you got to fight for. There is so many opportunities out there in the world, it’s just for you to go out there and take it.


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