Inner strength

I have experienced many things in my life; some people would never believe. There were times when i went through things that i thought i would never make it through.  There were times when all i would do was cry but the funny thing about those same things are that they made me stronger.
Strength comes from something within each and every person it has so little to do with your physical body and so much to do with your mind. If you can believe in something then you can achieve it. No matter what obstacles that you face in life you can always be something special. 
Strength is something buried deep within every body but many people’s minds are so highly cluttered with doubt that they can’t see the strength inside.  That is just the reason why we need a push to get started and put us in the right direction. That is exactly what our obstacles and struggles do; they help to bring out what is buried so deeply inside each and everyone of us.
Even though i been through a lot and even had some bad moments,  it was good for me to be afflicted with all that stuff because it made me into the woman that i am today. On this very day in the year 2014 i am so glad to say that i am proud of who i have become.
Now its time for each person to examine their lives and see what each one of their life experiences has done for them; how has it shaped the person that you are today?
When you look back on those memories smile because today you are much stronger than you were yesterday.


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