Less privacy; the more popularity

The more technology, is the less privacy we have. Our private lives have changed all because of new technologies. There is no such thing as privacy anymore because everyone wants to display their lives to the world. It is like our own personal way to feel famous.  The more people that few our pictures and posts over the internet equals to instant popularity. If our posts or pictures are not viewed or liked then some feel the need to delete them.
There is no longer any want for privacy in the younger generation.  The idea of privacy that we older generation once had has now seemed to disappear for the younger people coming up now.
Everything is shared on Facebook, Twitter and instagram.  Our lives have become less private as technology continues to advance.  It is now the norm to share everything with the world it sort of gives us the sense of popularity.  


4 thoughts on “Less privacy; the more popularity

  1. Actually I share very little–but I have noticed that the one or two times I have let people know a little about me (and not with pics) they are interested–I just can’t get my head around putting my whole life on line although I concede most do do that.

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