The power of addiction


Addiction is the condition of being enslaved to a practice or habit. Addiction comes in many different forms such as; compulsive behaviors, alcohol dependence and drug dependence. Compulsive behaviors can be anything such as; shopping, gambling, exercise addiction or even video game addiction. People can become addicted to anything in the same way as they can to drugs or alcohol. Alcohol dependence is when a person takes a large amount of alcohol on a daily basis and feels like they cannot do without drinking.
Drug dependence is the dependence of a legal or illegal drug or medication.
There is such a thin line between having a good time and having an addiction that can so easily be crossed by anyone even the best of people. Even the things that we don’t recognize as an addiction can very much be our addiction. It has so much to do with our limitations if we cannot stop ourselves from doing something then it very much can be seen as our own personal addiction. There are many people out there who are addicted to something so simple as shopping. They reach the point that they can’t even walk past a store without going inside and buying something. Now with new technology they can even shop online without even leaving the convenience of their home.
Addiction has a power that everyone has had to tackle with in their lives in one way or another. Shoot in all honesty I have been addicted to fast food and shopping before. Where I couldn’t help myself I had to give in every time but I have learned to fight those demons; it wasn’t easy but it was something I knew I had to do. Whatever power addiction may have over you today know that you’re not alone and you too can also fight those inner demons.


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