When it comes to love “I’m STANDING”


I personally don’t want to fall hopelessly in love; I prefer to stand in love. Many people don’t know the difference and are always puzzled when I say that. Let me take a second to break it down for you. The definition of “fall” is to move downwards without control or in other words to lose balance. No matter how pretty you try to put it “fall” is best described as losing control. Now why on earth would anyone want to be out of control when it comes to love? Falling is filled of insecurities and loneliness. When have you ever seen someone who has fallen look happy; unless they try their best to cover it up but in the end that image is shattered! Falling in love is no different the beautiful image eventually becomes shattered. There are so many cases where people have fallen in love and lose all conciousness of who they are and their self worth. I don’t know about you but I’m nobody’s personal house mate where they can walk all over me as they please.
For me I prefer to have control over my feelings I’m not going to be asking the question of “why does he treat me like this?” or  “why doesn’t he love me?”
Standing in love is a different approach it is more modern and wise. When looking at the words stand it is best described as maintaining a firm upright position. NOW THAT SOUNDS MUCH BETTER!
Standing is what I believe to be the best combination with love because when you’re standing in love there is strength and confidence. You first love yourself which in turn gives you the ability to love someone else. You are not easily fooled or walked over but you know your worth.
When it is all said and done when it comes to love I will be STANDING!


2 thoughts on “When it comes to love “I’m STANDING”

  1. I understand your sentiment, but the falling part of falling in love is all about you not being in total control, which is the part that makes it exciting and scary at the same time.


    1. The whole falling and standing has to do with the different concepts of the whole idea of love because there are many people who fall in love with the idea of love like what is seen on television but once the ground gets rocky all things shatter and dissolve beneath them but standing has to do with confidence using all your senses know when to stand and fight for love and when to run on out of it. That was where many people liked the whole idea of standing in love.


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