Deep Waters of Pain!


So many people have dipped their feet into the ever so deep waters of pain.  Pain is that cold water that brings shock to your body which makes you want to retreat and run back to shore.
I have experience that shock numerous amount of times. I have felt those chills running through my body and no matter how much I tried to escape; it was like a tide that carried me even deeper.
I have experienced pain so many times and each time was never less painful than the first. My heart aches each time and my body shivers with the weight of it all. So many times I have prayed that I could never again experience such a thing but I have learned time after time that the pain has made me stronger. There will be a day that the Lord will replace all the pain with joy.
So many people believe that pain is something weak but in all honesty it is not. A person needs some serious strength to make it through any degree of heartache and pain. Pain teaches you to appreciate joy. Pain prepares you for your destiny, it is a necessary pathway to joy. If you allow it to open your eyes to the point when joy comes knocking at your door and embraces you in its warmth you will not turn it away. Then you will be able to smile and say that it was good that you were afflicted. For if it was not for the affliction then you would never know how to treasure such joy.
Romans 8:18 “For I reckon that the suffering of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”
If you hold on through this pain then before you know it, things will turn around for your good.


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