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Definition of sexy

For many years the media has displayed certain traits and a typical look of what makes a woman appealing and sexy. These traits have affected how many women all over the world have seen themselves. For example Barbie was designed as a perfect model of a woman; which is the image that is displayed in every child’s head. She was shaped to be something that every little girl looks up to because barbie’s life was perfect. She lives the most luxurious life and this image is implanted in many little girls heads of what their lives should look like and what is necessary to make a person’s life happy.
Barbie is never displayed as poor or average,  she lives the most extravagant life.
Even though many girls who play with her can never relate to her; she still displays this iconic image of women that is tattooed on our brains for life.
There is many young girls who have struggled with self-esteem and have been teased because they dont fall into the category of what is suppose to be sexy but in my books there is no specific look that is sexy. Sexy comes in many shapes, colours and sizes. Everyone in their own way is sexy no matter what they look like. So embrace who you are and think nothing less of yourself. You are great, you are beautiful, you are the definition of sexy!