Pick up all the broken Pieces



Drowning from the inside out.

Trying so hard to be ok even though your heart knows It’s not.

Trying so hard to let no one see how broken you are inside.

You put on a smile whenever you see people come around.

You laugh the loudest, but no one knows how much you are filled with pain.

You are the life of the party, but no one knows that you are just putting on a show.

They don’t know the tears you shed behind closed doors. No one knows the burdens you carry around with you day to day.

You gave all of you to show how much your love for them was true but instead you were humiliated and used. But still every time they knock at your heart’s door you always let them back in time and time again. No matter how much your heart is hurting you still gave them the chance to get close to you once again. The hardest part of being broken is that no one knows it, but you.

What your sitting in is so toxic. Your love for them weakens you instead of giving you strength. You do everything right; you give them all your trust like everyone tells you to, just to make it all work. Instead of you guys getting stronger, you guys just keep on getting further and further away. They tell you one thing but then their actions present something totally different. You wish they could understand how much pain they were putting you through but NO! your words keep on falling on deaf ears.

You know the right thing to do; life is telling you to leave but still you stay and continue to suffer. You know that this isn’t real love but still you convince yourself otherwise.

It’s time to rise up!

Pick up all your broken pieces!

Know that you deserve better than this.

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God knows

Too often we take a delay as a denial. When God doesn’t answer our prayers right away we question where he is and if he will grant our request.

Many times it is easier for us to take God’s silence as a No. When simple he could be saying not yet my child.

God sees our past, the present and the future. He sees where we are coming from and how much we can manage. There are so many things in our lives that God has saved us from that we don’t even know about.

When God delays us from receiving something in our lives that we been asking for he knows why. Maybe you are not ready for it as yet.

Maybe you need to grow more before you receive it because in your present state you could very well take advantage of it or even let it slip away.

Think of it as such someone receives 10,000 and spends it all in one shot without thinking about it. While someone else could receive that same money and instead of wasting it they spend as little and put the rest aside and make it multiply.

The first person wasn’t ready as yet for such a big amount of money they didn’t have the knowledge as yet on what to do with it.

In that same way you may not be ready as yet for what you been asking God for. He may not be saying NO!

Instead he maybe saying not yet. Maybe you don’t have enough knowledge or experience for what you maybe requesting. He may know that if you get it right now, you may not know what to do with it as yet. You may not know how to take care of it as yet.

God knows all things and he knows you better than you know yourself. Be patient and know that he maybe saying NOT YET MY CHILD!

Believe in yourself

Say this to yourself THERE IS GREATNESS IN ME!

It is one thing to say it and another thing to believe it. Many people stand in their own ways and prevent themselves from ever achieving what they want in life. Do you know why this is because they struggle to believe in themselves.

Believing is basically the ability to be confident in something. Believing in something is bringing something to another level. If you believe in someone then we have faith in them and are confident that they can achieve anything we believe that they can achieve. You simply hold them at a higher standard in your life.

There is a superpower in belief. However for most people it is easier for them to believe in other people rather than believing in themselves.

Ok sit back and think about this for a second. How many times in one week do you encourage someone and tell them that they can do something and speak all sorts of nice words to help them to believe in themselves but yet when it comes to yourself you drag your feet around and have your head down; struggling to believe in your own self.

We give power to other people but cant empower our ownselves. Honestly why is that?

We let fear drive us and take the front seat in our lives while we put belief at the back burner.

It’s time to drive fear right over that bridge that is standing in your way and it is time to be confident in your own self. Believe that you have greatness in you and that you can do anything you put your mind to. Once you start truthfully believing in yourself you will see how your life will go to another level.

Stop holding yourself back from living in your full potential. Hold your head up high. Straighten your shoulders and be confident in yourself.

I’m telling you right now that there is greatness inside of you but it is so deeply buried under fear, disappointments and doubt.

I challenge you to right down your goals in life and walk around with it. Every chance you get to look at those goals make sure you take it. Dont only look at the goals start brainstorming ways to achieve those goals.

You weren’t put on this earth to be like everyone else. You have purpose. You are special and it is about time you find out what you are capable of.

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It’s the closest ones to us that hurt us the most

Life is very funny.

Everyone goes through hurt and pain at some point in their lives.

What is really sad is that most of the time the people who hurt us the most in life are those who are the closest to us. The people who we would never expect to hurt us. Such as family or even our closest of friends.

What makes it hurt even worst is because you never saw it coming. Never in all your life would you ever expect it. If someone would have told you years in advance that guess what your sister is going to hurt or your aunty is going to talk all manner of things about you.

I bet you would never believe it. You would tell that person that they are a liar. I know I wouldn’t believe it.

However, it is sadly so true that some point down the road that person ends up doing something to hurt you.

The people who know the most about you end up talking about you with other people. The same people even use past things that you have been through and throw it back in your face to hurt you.

I believe this is one of the worst pain ever and how do you actually get over it; how do you ever look at that person the same or even get close to them again?

I believe it is hard. I believe it really takes a lot to let them back in. Things like that can really cause some deep pain that is hard to heal.

Even in the bible in Psalm 55 12-14 it talks about how it is the ones who are the closest to you that hurt you. The ones who you share a laugh with or you have even hanged out with everyday that hurt you.

If it was an enemy to hurt me so bad I would expect it and it wouldn’t hurt so bad but it is the ones I call family and friends that year me down the most.

WOW! That is sad.

What can you do I guess that is how life goes but honestly these are the things that make it hard to trust again.

How must a person handle that?

It’s sad to think it was Judas that set up Jesus to be killed. Someone he ate with, someone he walked with and shared it.

This is how I fight my Battles

Some people look at me when I’m going through situations in my life and wonder why I dont react like they do but I fight my battles much different.

When situations in my life turn upside down and I am faced with things that were sent to break me I wont fight my battle physically.

2 Corinthians 10 vs 4: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

I fight my battles with God. When the devil targets me and sends every demon from hell to attack me; I get lost in God because I know that I can not fight any situation on my own no matter how big or small.

The secret to fighting your battle is fasting, prayer and in the word of God. Leave everything in the mighty hands of GOD!

Sometimes we want to get even with people who hurt us and we tend to want to fight our battles with our own strength . However when we try and get even and fight our battles in our own strength we can make every situation worst. You can be right in a situation but lose your right because of the choices you make. Be careful of what you say and do. Be silent no matter how much it hurts. When God fixes any situation it is fixed perfectly.

When people talk about you.

When people use you and do all manner of evil against you.

Put it all in God’s hands and let him fight your battle for you. You will see how you overcome everything that is facing you.

The children of Israel when they fled the hands of their enemies and were brought into the wilderness they didnt understand what God was doing.  Their enemies were on their heel. Their situation looked bad but God was fighting their battle for them.

Exodus 14 vs 13,14: And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will show to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

Let God fight for you and be confident and know that he will get rid of your enemies. Everyone who was against you will either come on your side or they will be gone out of your life. With God at the front of your battle you will win, you will be victorious.

This is how I fight my battles.



The decision of LOVE

Many people in 2018 believe that they really know what love is.

Everyone likes to use the 4 letter word LOVE so lightly.

Love however is not so simple. It is a very powerful word with a very deep meaning.

When love is true it doesnt easily die.

When you love you look out for their best. You tend to put their needs before your own selfish needs.

When you love someone even when you and that person are not together you still care for them and still want to look out for them.

Love is an action word and it is not selfish at all. Love is to give; it is a sacrifice. You give all you can for the one you love even if your not sure that it will work out.

Look at the ultimate example of love. God so loved the world that he gave his only son. He loved the world so much that he sacrificed someone that was so dear to his heart to try and reach the world and save them.

When you love someone you will try everything within you to reach that person. If you have a best friend who is going down a dark path you will try everything in your power to reach them and stop them.

If you’re in love with someone and you really care for them no matter what happens between the two of you that feeling in your heart will not easily die.

When you are in love with someone people will not understand it. Love puzzles people that are not in it.

Love is hard no matter what kind of relationship it is.

Sometimes when you love someone you will be so torn between when to act in their lives and try and save them or if you need to sit back and let them learn the hard way.










When do you run to their rescue?

Do you protect them even when they don’t want your help?

When to act. When to watch and pray for the best.

The decision of love. ❤❤

Never give up on your Dream

Dreams are very important.

NEVER give up on your dreams.

With the right motivation; your dreams can lead you down a very successful path.

For dreams are the beginning of a successful life. Most successful people all started out with a simple dream.

To be successful it is achieving a desired purpose or goal.

If you want to succeed in life you must first start out with a dream. Some people will laugh at your dream or even put you down but don’t let that get to you; don’t let anyone discourage you. You can do anything you put your mind to and if you want to achieve that dream you will.

Once you have a dream you have to work hard at it. To make a dream successful it needs to be combined with desire. You need to want it so bad that you will push yourself towards it.

Desire awakens something within you. With desire nothing can stop you no matter what comes your way. When you desire something so badly you become an unstoppable force.

Desire will birth determination.

Once you put the work into accomplishing your dream you will make it but don’t get me wrong the path will not be easy.

In anything in life there will be a fight at some point but that is when you will need your desire and determination more than ever. Those will help you to make it through. You will fall down but you wont stay down; you will get right back up and dust yourself off and work harder.

All you have to remember is Never give up on that dream. That dream was given to you for a purpose. It is for you to find that desire and determination that is buried deep down inside of you. You can and you will ACHIEVE IT!


The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the ability to release yourself from any feelings of resentment or envy.
There is a deep power in forgiveness that many people seem to forget once they have been hurt by another person.
It is important to remember that forgiving someone is not just for them, but it is also very important for you. Unforgiveness can birth envy or hatred towards that person and that intoxicates you and brings harm to your own soul.
It is important to remember that there is no one perfect on this earth and one time or another someone will hurt you. However once someone hurts you it is important for you to not hold on to that hurt, but it is important to release yourself from it by simply forgiving that person.
Think about it as much as people can hurt us, we have the ability of hurting others as well. When you hurt someone wouldn’t you want them to forgive you?
We sin and hurt God daily but, yet he throws that in the sea of forgetfulness and he gives us a fresh start. Old things have passed away and behold things have become new. The same way you can look to God for forgiveness and he can forgive you, so also can you return the favour by forgiving those who do you wrong.
You have the power in your hand, don’t let the hurt intoxicate you with envy and hatred.
Mathew 6 vs 14 and 15: For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Hello love❤

Will love really find it’s way to you?

Have you ever loved someone who was just your friend or someone you happened to be close to?

Do you believe that true love conquers all?

Do you believe that love will always win?

To be honest when you are going through a heartbreak or you have been single for way too long, sometimes you just tend to lose all hope in love.

Feeling that hole in your chest, feeling the aching inside is the hardest feeling ever to get over. It is even harder to forget.

It can scare you into not getting close to someone again or even worst it can make you cage up your heart and not want to love again.

I honestly believe love is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to experience it but when you have experienced too much heartbreak it can make love seem like the scares thing. It can steal away the true beauty of love.

All you want to do is shut the door on love and never let it in again.

For me I have been hurt time and time again and I wont lie it has scared me but it hasn’t driven me to the point of shutting love out.

I want to experience love so deep and true.

I want to hold him in my arms and never let him go.

I want to kiss him softly and stare into his handsome eyes.

NO! I don’t want love to go away; I want him to stay here with me and make it last forever.

Hello love it’s me, I’m scared but I want to let you in and experience the real you.






He is an on time God

He is an on time God, he does nothing before it’s time. Sometimes we may get impatient and restless when we are faced with the silence of being on hold, but at that point in time is the real test of faith.

Having to wait until God steps in and changes your situation around. He will not come on your time but on his time.

Eve was promised that her seed would bruise the head of the serpent but instead she had one of her sons murder the other.

However God stepped in right on time for her and blessed her with Seth. She had to go through tragedy before she received a blessing.

The road to our blessings is not promised to be easy. Sometimes we may pray to God for something and instead we are faced with a fight.

Remember even that fight is apart of your process.

Hold on God is working it all out for you.

How strong is your faith, will you stand still and wait upon God or will you go on and make your own moves?