Next in Line for Your Blessings

God has a big plan for your life and it is worth the wait.

I live can be rocky and rough.

I know that sometimes things feel like they are getting harder rather than easier no matter what you do.


He knows your end just as much as he knows how you began. There is nothing that surprises God. The plans that he has for you is worth the wait.

Don’t become impatient and go running into trouble.

Wait I say on the Lord.

You will see that your patience will pay of.

The best things are in line for you.

You are next in line for your blessings.


The Fire within You

There is a burning fire within everyone.

If your not given the opportunity, then you have to fight for the opportunity to set it a blaze.

The fire that burns within you is that passion, that desire to become something great.

There is greatness within all of us, it is buried deep within but it is for you to tap into it and let it expand.

All your life you walk around with a spark within you and the more tap into that flame is the bigger it becomes. By studying something you have a passion for your tapping into it.

By working a job your passionate about them you are tapping into it. By not settling to be average and becoming what you always wanted to be in life then your tapping into it.

Eventually you will be at full blame. Lighting up this world with what God has put into you.

Eventually you will be living life on purpose.

There is a beautiful,  empowering article that will push you to be the best you that you can be. Don’t hold back. There is more in you than you know. It’s time to ignite that fire within you.

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Overcoming Disappointment

A child constantly disappointed by the one who is always suppose to make things right.

Parents are suppose to be the ones that a child can look up to and find a solid form of example in them.

What happens when the parent is not the hero in story. What happens when the parent causes constant pain and always let’s their child down.

I child will always fight for their parent and believe in the good in them but there comes a day when the days turn into weeks, weeks into months and those months into years and the parent still does not want to change.

Then the child has to take that disappoint and try and bring out something good out of the bad.

Don’t make a parent’s decision effect you in any sort of way.


Spiritual Words

Spiritual Words to Encourage Your Heart

Is a must have book.

Everyone in life faces hard times where they can barely keep their heads above water.

Some people face doubt in themselves.

Pain from situations in their lives.

Spiritual words to Encourage Your Heart is the book that will do just that encourage your heart. Give you the right words to keep you going no matter what storms you face in life. It will help you to see that God is there with you in your situations and help you to see the good in every bad situation.

It is a book that will bless your heart and did I mention that it will Encourage you to keep on pressing on.

Know that God is able to do Exceedingly Abundantly above anything you could ask or think all you have to do is trust in him.

There is nothing too hard for God. Just keep the faith.

Order a copy of Spiritual Words to Encourage your hearts, Volume 1.

It is worth it. It will help you through your storms.

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I dare you.

Stay blessed in all you do and know that God is always with you.

He is God in the Bad times

Many times the situations in life that we face make us feel like God has forgotten us.

I want you to know that God has not forgotten you. You may not see him working but he is still working things out for you. He is behind the scenes working things out for your good.

Don’t make your situation cause you to doubt God .

I want you to know that God is not finished with you yet.

When God sets things in order in your life you will see the great change that is coming.

You will see how things turn around for you.

So hold on a little while longer.

This mess you are in won’t last forever. God is working behind the scenes. When he is finished you will see how different things will be.

This situation can’t last.

He is God in the good times. He is God in the bad times as well.

Roman’s 8 vs 28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Hold on Tighter

How can I just stop loving you?

My heart wont allow me to. My mind is set on you.

People talk bad about us and honestly I don’t care. They say this and they say that but they can never understand what I see in you.

I can hear them talking about us everytime we hold hands and walk together. I can hear all their bad wishes for us but no matter what they say we still hold on.

It makes them mad but still we hold on tighter and tighter. They hate it but it doesn’t stop us holding on tighter.

Our bond they want to break but they just can’t.

The love just gets stronger and stronger.


We have to support Each other.

Spiritual Words to Encourage your Heart


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I write for all of you guys because there is greatness in each and everyone of you.

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Thank you and be blessed.

Come out of the Comfort Zone

As you all know I love to share on blogs or articles that i have read to help promote that page.

I believe strongly in supporting one another. In this big world there is enough room for all of us.

In regards to the below blog please go check it out. The topic at hand is to motivate you towards grabbing a hold of all that is out there for you to achieve. Too many people are so comfortable in their COMFORT ZONE that they dont push themselves forward to achieving better.

We let fear of the unknown bind us and cripple us. When there is so much more out there for us to achieve. We just sit in our comfort zone and complain constantly. Instead of going out there and being the best we can be.

Try something new.

Push yourself today.

It’s a big world and it’s yours to conquer.

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Love Lost

When she opened the door, she wished with all her heart that he was going to meet her at the door. It had been 2 long years since he was gone and everyday, she entered the apartment that they use to share together it was never any easier. His fragrance still enveloped the place and his jacket that he had forgot that night was still hanging over the chair. She had not moved around anything in the apartment, she had left it exactly the way he had.
As she collapsed onto the couch with tears streaming down her face that horrible Friday night in January came to the front of her mind. If was like she was reliving the accident all over again. She could see him trying to swerve out of the way of the truck; even though the truck had missed him, there was that light pole that he couldn’t avoid. It had led to his death and no amount of love that she had for him could bring him back.
What was the hardest part was that it happened right in front of her eyes. She had stepped out of their apartment just in time to witness the death of her dear beloved fiancé.
As she gazed out into the darkness that filled the room; she noticed something that she hadn’t noticed before. In his coat pocket a piece of paper hung out. She ran over and unfolded it; it read.
My Dear Isabella,
Tonight, is your 30th birthday, the big 3-0 and I have the most amazing night planned out for you.
I made reservations at your favourite restaurant for 9pm tonight.
I have to run out to do something for work, but I should be back by 8pm sharp to spend the rest of the night with you. I promise you I won’t be late. I am looking forward to celebrating this day with you.
I love you unconditionally and I will continue to love you until my very last breath.
Love always,
Your soulmate David.
The tears flowed down her face and she found it so hard to breathe. She missed him so much and no birthday after that day ever seemed right without him.

Two hearts Connected

Sitting here gazing out the window holding on to all that we once had.

As each countless minute fades away my heart just keeps calling for you.

Do I ever cross your mind the same way that you fill up mine.

My mind obsesses over you.

My heart cries for you.

I don’t know how I been keeping myself together as good as I have been.

I won’t move from my post until i know that you have arrived back into my arms. For me to embrace you once again. For me to kiss you once again.

I know you were sent for me. I know that God knew what he was doing when he created the both of us. He had me in mind when He set your heart to beat for the first time.

He put a string around our hearts that one day we would find each other again. No matter how far we would go from each other; our hearts would pull us back together again.

My love for you flows deeper than the ocean.

I want you to be my one and only.

My husband and I your wife. For us to have kids together and grow old together.  For this bond we have to never break.

Two hearts connected no matter the distance apart. Always able to find a way back to each others heart.

I love you my love. ❤❤💗💗💕💕💞💞