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Finding what’s deep in you

Through out a person’s life; whether young or old, they are constantly seeking to find their place in the world.
Some people go throughout life uncertain of what career their suppose to be in or what to study in school.  Not sure of what they want from what they don’t want. Which is a normal thing because you never fully know yourself and what your capable of until you go through some hard situations.
Situations are what helps to shape you and teach you more about yourself.
Each person has the ability to be something great in life. No matter what situation a person faces in life they have the choice to change and become something great. A person’s past doesn’t define who they are or the person they choice to be.
For example many people doubt themselves and think so low of themselves but then when their back is against the wall and they are placed in the worst of situations; they then learn the fight that they have deep down within them.
That goes to show how everything we face in life whether good or bad is for a divine purpose. Each situation has its own lesson and its own impact in shaping your life. It is just for you to choose whether the impact will be a good or bad one; will it make or break you. You decide!


Definition of sexy

For many years the media has displayed certain traits and a typical look of what makes a woman appealing and sexy. These traits have affected how many women all over the world have seen themselves. For example Barbie was designed as a perfect model of a woman; which is the image that is displayed in every child’s head. She was shaped to be something that every little girl looks up to because barbie’s life was perfect. She lives the most luxurious life and this image is implanted in many little girls heads of what their lives should look like and what is necessary to make a person’s life happy.
Barbie is never displayed as poor or average,  she lives the most extravagant life.
Even though many girls who play with her can never relate to her; she still displays this iconic image of women that is tattooed on our brains for life.
There is many young girls who have struggled with self-esteem and have been teased because they dont fall into the category of what is suppose to be sexy but in my books there is no specific look that is sexy. Sexy comes in many shapes, colours and sizes. Everyone in their own way is sexy no matter what they look like. So embrace who you are and think nothing less of yourself. You are great, you are beautiful, you are the definition of sexy!

Wounded beyond measures

I have been writing for what seems like for ever but have never really took my work serious until now.
My first piece of writing that took me a while to actually complete runs so dear to my heart. It’s called wounded beyond measures which has to deal with relationships; how both men and women bring baggage from their past into something that they want to last. How can we expect something to last if we are so heavily guarded and won’t let each other in?
Wounded beyond measures speaks of both sides of a story how not only does a woman come into a relationship wounded but so does a man.
A woman could have been abused, lied to or cheated on in the past and then bring those same things into her most recent relationship and take out all her pain on a man who did nothing to her but who now has to bare the mistakes that the men in her past made.
A man could have went through the same things with females but takes a different approach to relationships which could make him not trust women or not want to open up.
Wounded beyond measures touches on all these topics and how they can hinder us from receiving the best in life.

Being a man

The love that i have for writing runs deep. I wake up daily to a different topic on my mind. Today’s topic at hand is the beauty of a man.
There are so many men in the world today that hide their deepest feelings.  It all started with them as young boys falling off their bike scraping their knees and the first thing they are told is big boys don’t cry.
Going through life constantly hearing that “big boys don’t cry” or “man up” how can we ever expect them to fully be in touch with their feelings?
This is telling a boy that to show your feelings is not being a man but instead a woman. This sufficates men forcing them to go through life detached from their feelings and bottling everything up. Then we turn around and blame men when they don’t show love the way we woman tend to and in reality it’s not the man’s fault but the society that shaped them.
Is it true that crying or showing emotions is not the man thing to do? …No it’s not true. In my opinion a real man is not afraid to cry or to show his feelings.  It’s called being human.

loving yourself

The first step to being successful in life is to first and foremost love yourself.  Once you love yourself you will not settle in life but strive to receive what you truly deserve. Never settle in love just be patient for the right person who will embrace the really you and treat you like royalty.  Never settle in a job and be miserable all your life, keep pressing on to be whatever you want to be. You can be whatever you want to be and achieve the best things in life, don’t second guess yourself.  Go out and be the best you that you can be and watch life take its course.