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Is Chivalry Really Dead? No I don’t Think so! It’s about Compromising.

Not every Man can be considered a perfect gentleman. Being a gentleman is a skill that some men perfect while others ignore. A perfect man is chivalrous and courteous; they know how to treat a woman and above all how to show respect to all. When they are faced with a certain situation that causes for unruly behavior; they know how to handle it in a exceptional manner.

When looking at chivalrous behavior we can look back in history and see that it began during Medieval Times with Knights who possessed qualities such as honor and justice. They were also expected to show courteous behavior especially toward women. The way I view things is that no matter how independent I am as a woman chivalrous habits are always a winner for me. There is just something that is so beautiful and admirable about a man who can portray such behaviors I guess it mainly has to do with the whole situation of chivalry is not common no more; there are just less and less men who display such behavior. Now when a woman meets a man we are just automatically expecting the worst behavior possible, our expectations in men as dwindled down to almost nothing but when they do behave like perfect gentlemen it is honestly surprising and leads us (women) to believe that it is because they want something.

I have over heard many woman criticize and state that they don’t want any man to do anything nice for them because it is not true to their hearts. That it is only done with hidden motives. It is sad that women already have these expectations of a bad outcome but there has been many experiences that these ladies have had to make these assumptions true. Which lead women to come to the conclusion that chivalry is dead but I look at it differently. To me chivalry is not dead but it is more uncommon because there are men out there who act like perfect gentlemen without any expectations to get anything in return.

Some habits that a number of women that I have talk to would consider to be habits of a perfect gentlemen are as follows; opening doors, sitting through girly movies, family bonding, sending flowers, and helping carry bags.

lets take a deeper looking into one of these habits  to have a better understanding of what women are talking about. When a woman talks about a man opening the doors they stated that this was one thing they wish guys still did above the rest. Whether it be the car door or just the front door to a restaurant or the movie theater women see this as such an admirable trait. Yes we women are more than capable of opening our own doors but it’s all about the effort and respect. A guy that takes the time to open the door for you just shows a different ounce of respect that he has towards you. Some women say the worst possible experience that they have had was when walking behind a man into a restaurant and he would just release the door which in turn would hit them on the shoulder, hand or in worst cases the face. Which is a horrible start to the night.

Give and take some of these habits would be nice because it is always just the simple things that matter because no woman needs to be injured on the first date because honestly guys some of these doors are heavy like a rock. It doesn’t hurt to help a woman out or to sit through a movie that she wants to watch. Let use be fair to each other; ladies watch movies they don’t want to watch so a guy should in turn do the same. It is all about compromising; we are all adults we know what the word means. Actions speak way louder than words enough with saying your a nice guy and a perfect gentleman and more acting like it.

I personally don’t think chivalry is dead because I have seen some guys perform it!


The power of addiction


Addiction is the condition of being enslaved to a practice or habit. Addiction comes in many different forms such as; compulsive behaviors, alcohol dependence and drug dependence. Compulsive behaviors can be anything such as; shopping, gambling, exercise addiction or even video game addiction. People can become addicted to anything in the same way as they can to drugs or alcohol. Alcohol dependence is when a person takes a large amount of alcohol on a daily basis and feels like they cannot do without drinking.
Drug dependence is the dependence of a legal or illegal drug or medication.
There is such a thin line between having a good time and having an addiction that can so easily be crossed by anyone even the best of people. Even the things that we don’t recognize as an addiction can very much be our addiction. It has so much to do with our limitations if we cannot stop ourselves from doing something then it very much can be seen as our own personal addiction. There are many people out there who are addicted to something so simple as shopping. They reach the point that they can’t even walk past a store without going inside and buying something. Now with new technology they can even shop online without even leaving the convenience of their home.
Addiction has a power that everyone has had to tackle with in their lives in one way or another. Shoot in all honesty I have been addicted to fast food and shopping before. Where I couldn’t help myself I had to give in every time but I have learned to fight those demons; it wasn’t easy but it was something I knew I had to do. Whatever power addiction may have over you today know that you’re not alone and you too can also fight those inner demons.

The silent cry of a victim


Domestic violence falls under so many different categories such as physical, sexual,  psychological, emotional and economic. The victims are not only women but also men as well.
Domestic violence is a serious issue and it really does a work on my heart whenever I hear different stories that have either experienced it or known someone that has. There are people who turn a blind I to it and feel that it will eventually go away but I’m here to tell you that you are not alone, there are many people who care about. You don’t need to live in that situation because you are worth more than that. My heart bleeds with these men and women alike that have kept silent scared of the repercussion.
Whether it be physical or just economically you don’t deserve that. Those who are going through it doesn’t be scared to talk to someone about it and make an escape plan and those who know someone who is currently facing it, don’t turn away from them. Unity we stand and divided we fall, we can come together and make a difference.

Another year filled with new experiences

Another great year has come to an end. No more writing 2014 now it is time to get us to writing 2015.  It always takes awhile before ever getting use to writing a new year, we always slip and accidentally write the previous year.
Words can not explain how blessed I feel to make it into a new beautiful year. God has been so good in 2014 and I know he will be with me throughout the new year of 2015. 2014 was a great year filled with so much good and bad but one thing for sure it was very rewarding.  Now as we prepare ourselves for whatever 2015 has in store for us , one thing we know for sure is that we will have bad days and good days but with every day there will be new experiences and with new experiences there will be new lessons and therefore new stories to share.
2015 will be all you want it to be because you are the one who makes a year special.
Happy new year everyone and I wish you all a prosperous 2015!